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  • Part Time Audiophile about the Voxativ showroom at the RMAF: "The first thing that struck me was that the sound was remarkably cohesive, balanced and detailed. Dipole woofer designs sometimes trade speed for depth, but the 9.87 was able to do both, producing a full, but tight, bottom end."  read more here
  • Gold Show Award pour l'apparition à Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016
  • rapport Stereophile de la Capital Audio Fest (Washington) y compris un aperçu de "the sexy-looking Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers"
  • THE Show Newport Beach commentaire de presse (English)
  • High End 2016 commentaire de presse (English)
  • Voxativ Ampeggio Signature is loudspeaker of the year in Japanese Stereosound magazine in 2013
  • Voxativ PI is reviewed by german Fidelity magazine in 03/2013
  • Voxativ Ampeggio is elected „Best of the Show“ on RMAF 2012 by Jonathan Valin, US magazine: The Absolute Sound
  • All Voxativ loudspeakers are presented in the german Lautsprecherjahrbuch of 2012
  • Voxativ Fieldcoil drivers are reviewed in the UK magazine HiFi Critic
  • Voxativ Ampeggio is elected product of the year in the US magazine Stereophile in 12/2011
  • Review Voxativ AC-X Field - Coil Driver in the english magazine Hi-Fi News in 11/2011
  • Review Voxativ Ampeggio in the US magazine Stereophile in 08/2011
  • Review Voxativ Ampeggio in the german Fono Forum in 09/2010
  • Review Voxativ Ampeggio in 6moons in 09/2010
  • Review Voxativ Ampeggio in the german Audio in 05/2010
  • Review Voxativ AC-X Field - Coil Driver in the german Klang und Ton in 12/2009
  • Review Voxativ Aura in the german LP-Magazin in 04/2009

Shows 2017

  • Thailand Voxativ days
    09. December, Discovery HiFi, Bangkok

  • Seoul International Audio Show
    03. - 05. March 2017, Korea

  • Audio Video Show, CZ
    31. March - 01. April 2017, Praha
  • SIAV - High End Audio Visual Show
    21. - 23. April 2017, Shanghai 

  • Axpona, Audio Expo North America
    21. - 23. April 2017, Chicago

  • HIGH END München, Germany
    18. - 21. May 2017 

  • LA Audio Show, USA
    02. - 04. June 2017 
    Los Angeles

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