Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment for our products from outside Germany can be done by bank transfer, Western Union or PayPal (4% fee is required). All payments have to be done in Euros.
  2. Every product has to be paid fully before shipping. Prices do not include shipping, VAT and import duties. Customers living in EU countries please add 19% VAT. Customers living outside EU countries please be aware that customs may charge import duties and sales tax upon arrival.
  3. If customers feel that they do not want to keep the products they have ordered, paid for and/or have received they will not receive any refund for their wrong choices.
    If during shipping the products are damaged then we will exchange the products at no extra costs if the receiver makes it clear to the shipping service that doesn't accept it.
    Accepting damaged packages is for the customers' own risk!
  4. Goods that are ordered and not paid or not taken will be used after 3 month in the way we desire.
  5. Please note that if one or more products do not work properly, within the warranty period, that these can be repaired or exchanged after mutual deliberation between Fullrange Speakers and the first owner. Products that are bought second-hand do not have any warranty.
  6. Bank details - will be submitted when needed.
  7. Technical data are published after our knowledge. Errors in these are not printed willingly. Legal responsibility is not taken over.


  1. Thailand Voxativ days
    09. December, Discovery HiFi, Bangkok

  2. 首尔国际音响试听展
    3/03 - 3/05/2017,韩国首尔

  3. 布拉格国际高级试听展,
    31/03 - 01/04/2017, 捷克布拉格

  4. 上海SIAV国际高级HiFi展
    4/21 - 4/23/2017,中国上海

  5. 北美Axpona Audio Expo展 
    4/21 - 4/23/2017,美国芝加哥

  6. 慕尼黑HIGH END国际展
    5/18. - 5/21/2017,德国慕尼黑

  7. 洛杉矶 Audio Show音响展
    6/02. - 6/04/2017,美国洛杉矶